Fox News Host Blasts Gosnell Attorney: “How Can You Defend Him?”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who is pregnant, took Kermit Gosnell’s defense attorney to task Wednesday afternoon in an interview, saying the way he acted in the court room and in interviews afterwards makes it appear he thinks Gosnell is “a swell man.”

“We don’t tar the attorney with the sins of the client,” Kelly told Gosnell attorney Jack McMahon, but she scolded him for defending Gosnell after the trial, saying “he wasn’t upset when he was aborting these babies and laughing how one child, one baby was big enough to walk him to the bus stop.”

McMahon claimed he had a human reaction to defending a client for so long but went on to call the abortion practitioner a “dream client” and “complete gentleman.” he went on to admit that things went “a bit awry” at Gosnell’s abortion facility.

“A bit awry?” Kelly shot back. “The testimony was the babies were born alive, were wriggling on the operating table, were crying. And he stuck scissors in the back of their neck.”

After a heated exchange which saw McMahon defend Gosnell further and claim the conditions at Gosnell’s abortion clinic were not that bad, Kelly responded, “All we need to know is [Gosnell] tried to abort them and failed and then he tried to kill them.”

“Jack, I started off by saying we don’t tar the lawyers with the sins of clients, and that’s true,” Kelly told him. “But listening to you, you sound like a guy who is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Because you seem to believe this is a swell man — notwithstanding the fact that he murdered little babies!”

“They were born alive, sir! They were born alive!” she added. “How do you come out and defend him now?”

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