Pro-Abortion Planned Parenthood’s New Ad Campaign: Your Baby Will Thank You

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — The other day, I was in the middle of doing research online when I stumbled across a Planned Parenthood ad.

Planned Parenthood, over the years, has run some pretty shocking ad campaigns. Without a doubt, this one is the worst I’ve ever seen:

This ad proves that insanity can indeed reach new heights.

Planned Parenthood recently coined its “Care. No matter what.” slogan, around the same time the abortion giant decided that claiming to be “pro-choice” wasn’t the best way to win people to their side. Now, it’s insane to claim to “care” when your work is actually killing. (Insanity is defined as “extreme irrationality.”) But to claim that the ones you kill will “thank you”? I honestly can’t imagine more insane or irrational logic.

It seems as though Planned Parenthood enjoys facing the truth and running in the complete opposite direction, spinning a calculated lie, and claiming all the while that the opposite of the truth is actually true – for the supposed benefit of women everywhere.

The thought process must go something like this:

Truth: Babies suffer during abortions./Babies are ripped apart during abortions./Babies are deprived of life during abortions.

Planned Parenthood: Babies enjoy suffering./Babies enjoy getting ripped apart./Babies enjoy being deprived of life. (Just like we all would, right?!)

Truth: Women want to think their babies are happy and not suffering.

Planned Parenthood: Even though we are in the business of ensuring that thousands of babies are never born, let’s run an ad showing a happy, healthy, smiling baby (something we don’t create, but who cares?!) being held by her mother. And let’s add in the slogan, “Your baby will thank you.” That way, women will think of a happy, smiling baby as they are lying on the table, going through an abortion (and their babies are being sucked apart or torn into pieces), and these women will think about how thankful their baby is.

Honestly, I don’t have a clue what could possibly have been running through the mind of whatever insane person created this ad. But maybe it was something like that.

There should seriously be a prize for anyone who can come up with any sort of legitimate benefit that Planned Parenthood gives babies. How does Planned Parenthood help babies thank their moms? For what?

Planned Parenthood is forever talking about how it provides birth control. Right. A baby who was never born because her mother was on birth control is definitely going to thank Mom for that.

In some insane jump of non-logic, Planned Parenthood is attempting to convince women that their babies will “thank them” for visiting their local clinic. This is no better than Nazis posting signs of happy Jews, thanking the SS officers for the death camps – and the gas chambers in particular.

Let’s hope that our society isn’t as insane as Planned Parenthood must think we are.

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