Pope Francis Joins 40,000 Pro-Lifers at Italian March for Life

Some 40,000 pro-life marchers at the March for Life in Italy received a surprise when Pope Francis joined them — driving down the street in his popemobile where the Marcia per la Vita was taking place.

The Pope thanked the participants for their work and called on them to continue protecting the unborn.

“I invite you to keep the attention of everyone on the important issue of respect for human life from the moment of conception,” the pontiff told pro-lifers.

“It brings me great joy to see that so many Italian parishes are taking part in the pro-life signature campaign. This initiative titled ‘One of Us,’ guarantees the legal protection of the embryo, protecting human life from the very start,” he added.

Pro-life Catholics were overjoyed by the head of the Catholic Church joining them so actively in their opposition to abortion.

“Those of you who have been involved in the pro-life movement for many years can appreciate the joy and excitement that was felt when Pope Francis showed up at a pro-life march today,” said Frank Munda, who runs a pro-life blog called Pro-Life Corner. “Those of you who have labored to promote the culture of life by praying at your local abortion mill can appreciate this thought.”

“an you imagine praying at one of the many Planned Parenthood killing centers in America, looking over to your side and seeing your local Bishop or Cardinal praying beside you? Oh how that would lift your heart; your spirit would soar with the eagles,” he said. “I pray that all bishops and cardinals will follow the Holy Father’s good example and start, from this day forth, to show up at mills and at marches.”

“And like St. Francis of Assisi, they would not have to speak at all. I am convinced that if they would just show up the secular world will take note; this very act could be the beginning of the end of the slaughter of the pre-born baby in the womb. Maybe it’s time we make an effort to invite our bishops and Cardinals to come and pray with us at the Planned Parenthood killing fields. Let’s put our light on a lamp stand and show the world that all Christians who love Jesus Christ are pro-life,” Munda continued.

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