When Man Rejects God


What happens when man rejects God’s ways and replaces them with his own? Today’s program will discuss “transpecie-ism”, after school “Satan-clubs” and the judgment of God.  Also, included in this program is a short discussion comparing the Democrat and Republican platforms.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/12/16

What motivates people to leave the places where they are living and join faraway wars? And what can this tell us about the process of radicalization? Also, does transparency count when considering the character of a candidate? Host: Dave Kistler

Stand in the Gap Today 8/11/16

How much influence does the media have and why are they so committed to covering for, supporting, etc. every liberal candidate?  When did this start and is there any way to defeat a candidate with this kind of media support? What can the average citizen do? Host: Dave Kistler

Stand in the Gap Today 8/10/16

China, Russia, Turkey, NATO, Japan, and ISIS are all in various stages of military intensification. Geo-political expert Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins the program as guest to give an international update.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/9/16

Is there a cost to remaining silent on Islam and the dangers of Sharia law? IQ al Rassooli, expert on Islam, joins the program as guest.

Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 8/8/16

It’s hard to say that you don’t have a clear choice this presidential election year. The Democratic and Republican platforms show worldviews 180 degrees apart. This program will compare and contrast both party platforms.

Host: Dave Kistler

What is the Biblical Role of Women in Positions of Leadership?

If elected, would Hillary Clinton really become the first woman President? What happens when men fail to lead?

What does the Bible say about women in government? How has Christianity taken the lead in elevating the status of women?

Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler, and Gary Dull discuss this topic today.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/5/16

The President recently decided to release 214 prisoners while the questionable circumstances behind the $400 million sent to Iran is haunting him again. Why has Trump decided not to endorse Ryan, and what’s his motivation? These topics and more.

Host: Dave Kistler

Stand in the Gap Today 8/4/16

Has Trump’s VP pick, Gov. Mike Pence, boosted his support among Conservatives? George Barna, Executive Director of the American Culture and Faith Institute, joins the program to give the stats.

Host: Sam Rohrer