Stand in the Gap Today 8/8/16

It’s hard to say that you don’t have a clear choice this presidential election year. The Democratic and Republican platforms show worldviews 180 degrees apart. This program will compare and contrast both party platforms.

Host: Dave Kistler

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  1. Georgia Wilkinson
    Georgia Wilkinson says:

    The PLATFORMS have nothing to do with it. Ted Cruz had great input into the Republican platform. Apparently Donald was just too lazy to be bothered with it, but it certainly does not represent his personal views as he has demonstrated over and over. What does it take to convince you people that we are about to go off a precipice with him? He is becoming more and more unhinged every day!

  2. Georgia Wilkinson
    Georgia Wilkinson says:

    P.S. To reiterate my stance in other posts, I also am NOT for Hillary Clinton. We still have other options, which some of us are desperately trying to work on. It would be nice if you would join us!

  3. Georgia Wilkinson
    Georgia Wilkinson says:

    P.P.S. Actually Trump did author one little “insignificant” plank of the platform: the one that says we will not provide material aid to the Ukraine to defend itself against Russia!


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