Stand in the Gap Today 4/11/16

Has Ted Cruz procured his Colorado delegates legally? Is President Obama’s statement that the small number of Islamic terrorists makes them “no problem? And is it true that the Iranian Nuclear Deal is “not open to negotiation”?

The Pillars of the Earth with APN President Sam Rohrer

Sam Rohrer is the President of the American Pastors Network.

Stand in the Gap Today 4/8/16

What are the three ingredients necessary for a nation to remain a nation? Has there been a strategy guaranteed to destroy freedom in America? What should the righteous do when the “foundations are destroyed”?

Stand in the Gap Today 4/7/16

What is the #1 difficulty, dilemma, or problem facing America in 2016 and beyond? Lagging economy? Governmental intrusion into our private lives, a nuclear North Korea? On today’s program,we’re discussing what we believe to be the biggest threat to our homeland and liberty.

Stand in the Gap Today 4/6/16

It seems that the Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS strategy is taking a turn for the worst.  Iran has threatened to go to war with the US-is this an idle threat?  Also, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins the program to give an update on Israel and preparations for the rebuilding of the temple and the search for a “pure priest”.


Stand in the Gap Today 4/5/16

Is the return of Muslim immigrants to Turkey by Greece a major change EU policy or is it just a ruse? Guest IQ Al Rassooli discusses the deplorable treatment of children and women dictated by the Islamic religion. Als0 profound words from James 4:17: “To him who knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” Today’s program will explore the application of this verse to the many people, events and situations happening around us.

Stand in the Gap Today 4/4/16

On the heels of terror attacks in Brussels, President Obama is once again defending Islam and lecturing the American people about our reasoned, sane, legitimate response. However, pastors are beginning to speak out on the issue of Islam in America. What are they saying? Also, as the Syrian refugee crisis reaches epic proportions, what should be the church’s response vs. the appropriate response of the government. Does the Bible have anything to say about this?

American, Christians and the End Times with Pastor Michael Anthony

Pastor Michael Anthony is the Senior Pastor of the Grace Fellowship Church in York, PA.