Stand in the Gap Today 4/21/16

Welcome to chaos in America ordered by the courts and championed by the media. California erupts after the first “Transgender” public restroom opens. More on this topic on today’s program!

Stand in the Gap Today 4/20/16

Dan Wampler, GOP Chairman of Hinsdale County in Colorado and a GOP delegate, joins the program to discuss the delegate process and the recent “shake-up” in the GOP establishment in his home state. Is the entire political system at risk of collapse due to deep divisions in the party?

Stand in the Gap Today 4/19/16

Controversial or Courageous? Phil Robertson with “Duck Dynasty” prayed before a recent NASCAR race”… that we put a Jesus man in the White House.” How are leaders across the nation standing up in a show of support for Christian values and religious liberty?

Stand in the Gap Today 4/18/16

“Produce your daily quota of bricks, with no straw!” Think that was only demanded of the Hebrews by Pharoah? Think again! Also, Shariah Courts and Muslim holidays are in America and U.S. schools. How did it happen in the UK and what does it mean for America? Guest Tom Wallace joins the program to offer insights on these topics and more!

The Anti-Christ: His Rise, Resistance, and Religion PART 1 with Evangelist Dave Kistler

Evangelist Dave Kistler is the President of the North Carolina Pastors Network ( and Co-Host of Stand in the Gap Today radio program.

Stand in the Gap Radio 4/15/16

Today: An update on the NC U-Turn Conference which took place yesterday, April 14th at the Southern Evangelical Seminary in NC. Also, an update on the GOP Presidential race and a look at the controversy in Wisconsin over “Jesus and plump juicy chicken breasts”!

Stand in the Gap Today 4/14/16

Stand in the Gap Today 4/13/16

Stand in the Gap Today 4/12/16

Bernie Sanders was asked by the Pope to discuss a ‘moral’ economy. Who defines ‘moral’? Does the Bible really speak to the economy, environment, taxes, and property rights? Find out on today’s program!