Stand in the Gap Today 11/10/15

What should Christians be looking for regarding the economy in tonight’s GOP debate? And what is significant about Rabbi Kain’s statement during a NYC convention: “…at my essence, I am a Divine Ambassador”. As Christians, aren’t we Divine Ambassadors as well? What about pastors and politicians?  Are they Ambassadors for Christ and what does that look like?

Stand in the Gap Today 11/09/15

Why the media hype regarding Ben Carson’s book “Gifted Hands” and his supposed inconsistencies? What about Trump’s appearance on SNL?  While it’s looking like ISIS might have planted a bomb on the Russian jetliner that went down over a week ago -what does this mean and how will Russia react?

Stand in the Gap Today 11/06/15

Pastor Jeremy Lundmark joins today’s program to discuss his book, “The Fury of God”. Do Christians really understand God’s anger? If they did, how would their lifestyles be different?

Stand in the Gap Today 11/05/15

Did Tuesday’s election results indicate a growing trend towards conservatism in America? David New, Constitutional Attorney, discusses the difference between conservatives and liberals, and the history of prayer in our nation.

Stand in the Gap Today 11/04/15

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, gives an update on the rapidly evolving situations in the Middle East. Here are a few highlights:

  • The prophetical significance of cameras on the temple mount now enables the world to potentially see the death and resurrection of the ‘two witnesses’ foretold in Revelation.
  • ISIS continues to instill fear worldwide as they claim responsibility for shooting down a Russian airliner.  But as Christians, we don’t need to be afraid.
  • As Putin outmaneuvers Obama, could we be witnessing the rise of Russia and the demise of the US?

Stand in the Gap Today 11/03/15

Michael Berry, Senior Counsel for Liberty Institute, talks about the case against Coach Joe Kennedy. Why is his insistence on “taking a knee” at the end of football games NOT a constitutional violation? What is the basic argument being advanced by the school district against Coach Kennedy prohibiting him from praying? Does the school district have any constitutional/legal footing for placing the coach on “administrative leave?”

Stand in the Gap Today 11/02/15

Guest J.R. McGee,Christian and expert on geo-political events, military preparedness, and national intelligence operations, joins the program to discuss the sinister thread between ISIS and the US, Russia’s plan for the Middle East, and the Russian airliner shot down over the weekend.