Stand in the Gap Today 6/30/15

Hosts Sam Rohrer and David Kistler bring clarity to the chaos created by the court decision on same-sex marriage.

  1. How should we respond to the fact that the SCOTUS can not “make law,” but only render an “opinion?”
  2. What is the practical difference between what is “legal” vs “lawful?”
  3. What is the impact of understanding the separate jurisdictions of “Moral law” and “Civil/Constitutional law?”
  4. How should we view the matter of “civil disobedience vs biblical obedience?”
  5. Can we just simply “move on to economic issues” as many would like? Should we measure Presidential candidates on how they respond to these rulings from SCOTUS on ObamaCare and Marriage?
  6. What if States/Governors/State Supreme Court Justices etc Push back against the SCOTUS opinions? Should this be encouraged? What happens if they do? What happens if they don’t?