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4-6-18: What Every Christian Must Know About Islam

Dave Kistler:                 Well, ladies and gentlemen, a federal judge recently told school officials in San Diego, California, to reveal details of their work with an Islamic advocacy organization that has been designated as a terrorist group. Of course, by that designation it puts them in the same classification as ISIS itself. Now a legal team […]

3-29-18: The Hidden Meaning of the Passover: What Every Christian Should Know

Sam Rohrer:                 Well today is Good Friday. In just two more days we’re going to celebrate Easter Sunday. Did you know that the actual days that Jesus was crucified and rose from the grave were actually earlier this week? That’s right. According to the Jewish calendar Christ has already risen and it’s tied directly to […]

1-30-18: Rebuilding the Spiritual Infrastructure of our Inner Cities

Isaac Crockett:  Well thank you so much for tuning into our program today. We are joined by Dr. Gary Dull, the executive director of our Pennsylvania Pastors Network. He’s the senior pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Altoona, Pennsylvania. We have evangelist Dave Kistler, the president of the North Carolina Pastors Network, and founder […]

1-26-18: 215 Million Reasons to Take Islam Seriously

Sam Rohrer:                 Well have you ever been maligned or made fun of perhaps? Perhaps ridiculed by a classmate or a fellow worker or maybe embarrassed by a teacher because of something that you said or because of something that you believe? Well, if you have, and my guess is most of you listening to me […]

1-22-18: Finding God’s Love After Abortion

      Sam Rohrer: Well, today marks the 45th anniversary of perhaps the most dreadful United States Supreme Court decision in the history of our nation. That decision turned this nation from a nation of life to a nation of death, and that decision guaranteed God’s judgment on a nation that was once birthed […]

1-11-18: God Not Allowed!

Sam Rohrer:   Well, when I read reports like the one yesterday, it was on the front page of drudge and now it’s across the world on many articles, it said this. It was a wake up call frankly to me, and I think to all Americans. It was a Pew Research survey, just released, the […]

ELECTION DAY: A Voice for Biblical Truth in Harrisburg

On Monday, May 12, 2014, the Pennsylvania Pastors Network helped local Lancaster County pastors host a candidate forum for the two Republicans running for the 36th Senatorial District seat in Pennsylvania – Representative Ryan Aument and Representative Gordon Denlinger.  The purpose of this event was to critique these candidates, not merely in light of their […]