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4-6-18: What Every Christian Must Know About Islam

Dave Kistler:                 Well, ladies and gentlemen, a federal judge recently told school officials in San Diego, California, to reveal details of their work with an Islamic advocacy organization that has been designated as a terrorist group. Of course, by that designation it puts them in the same classification as ISIS itself. Now a legal team […]

1-26-18: 215 Million Reasons to Take Islam Seriously

Sam Rohrer:                 Well have you ever been maligned or made fun of perhaps? Perhaps ridiculed by a classmate or a fellow worker or maybe embarrassed by a teacher because of something that you said or because of something that you believe? Well, if you have, and my guess is most of you listening to me […]

1-22-18: Finding God’s Love After Abortion

      Sam Rohrer: Well, today marks the 45th anniversary of perhaps the most dreadful United States Supreme Court decision in the history of our nation. That decision turned this nation from a nation of life to a nation of death, and that decision guaranteed God’s judgment on a nation that was once birthed […]

1-11-18: God Not Allowed!

Sam Rohrer:   Well, when I read reports like the one yesterday, it was on the front page of drudge and now it’s across the world on many articles, it said this. It was a wake up call frankly to me, and I think to all Americans. It was a Pew Research survey, just released, the […]

ELECTION DAY: A Voice for Biblical Truth in Harrisburg

On Monday, May 12, 2014, the Pennsylvania Pastors Network helped local Lancaster County pastors host a candidate forum for the two Republicans running for the 36th Senatorial District seat in Pennsylvania – Representative Ryan Aument and Representative Gordon Denlinger.  The purpose of this event was to critique these candidates, not merely in light of their […]