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Stand in the Gap Today 6/8/16

“We have to come to grips with the fact that today’s terrorists are better armed and financed, they are more sophisticated, they are possessed by a fanatical intensity that individuals […]

Stand in the Gap Today 6/7/16

The IRS: is it necessary or not? What is the history and purpose behind this Executive agency and did you know that recent reports indicate it has targeted citizens for […]

Stand in the Gap Today 6/6/16

The denial of reality in our contemporary culture has reached levels of unbelievability. What has led us to this place that even the hilariously insane is acceptable? What role has […]

Stand in the Gap Today 6/3/16

Swarms of grasshoppers in Russia, billions of beetles in Argentina, millions of toads in China, and record flooding in the US and Europe.  Just a few of the headlines that […]

Stand in the Gap Today 6/2/16

“A society based on sexual anarchy, the deconstruction of gender and the redefinition of marriage cannot survive and thrive. Regardless of what the courts might say (including the Supreme Court), […]

Stand in the Gap Today 6/1/16

Does the situation in the Middle East have the makings of a “Perfect Storm”? And could “Chrislam” play a part in the One-World Religion prophesied in the End Times? Dr. […]

Stand in the Gap Today 5/31/16

Why does God establish boundaries, both nationally, morally, and otherwise? On today’s program, we’ll find out why boundaries are necessary, and why and how Satan is seeking to destroy them […]