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“Stand in the Gap Today” is a one-hour live daily radio program that addresses the cultural and moral issues of our time from a constitutional and biblical perspective. With issues like same-sex marriage, the possibility of a nuclear Iran, and Islamic radicalism daily in the news, how should Christian Americans think?

“Stand in the Gap Today” helps Christians think biblically and constitutionally about the tough issues.

Stand in the Gap Today” encourages listeners with:

  • The importance of applying a biblical and constitutional worldview to every aspect of their lives
  • Tools to respond to attacks against biblical truth in the culture
  • Their critical responsibility as ambassadors of Christ to speak truth in the culture

Daily 1-Minute Commentary & Weekend Programs

Our other radio programs include the daily one-minute radio feature “Stand in the Gap Minute,” which airs on more than 40 stations, as well as the one-hour Sunday program “Stand in the Gap Weekend,” which features a sermon from a pastor within the American Pastors Network (APN), followed by a short commentary with Rohrer and others. This weekend program airs on over 150 stations with the AFR (American Family Radio) network. Find a station in your area.

To air “Stand in the Gap Today” on your station, or if you have any questions, contact Michael Hamilton at

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