Take the Shot or Be Fired! How Should I Respond? Can You Help?

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For those of you who have called or written seeking advice on how to handle the current COVID Vaccine mandate pressures, here are a few thoughts-Sam Rohrer

  • We are entering a time of unprecedented (in the US) threats, coercion, mandates, and intimidation. These are days which will try men’s souls. 
  • These are days of decision for all. People will discover whether they are driven by anchored convictions or blown by the winds of emotion and  preference. Each person will choose for themselves and demonstrate whether they are ‘walkers’ or ‘talkers’, ‘confessors’ or ‘professors’.
  • These are times when one’s faith will be tested but also times when the miraculous provision of God will be seen
  • We are all here by God’s doing, His sovereign will and are assured of His power, strength and wisdom.
  • For those who are moved in their heart, mind and spirit to not compromise Truth, God’s commands, and conscience/convictions, understand that:
    • You are not alone. The Lord is with you. You are not Elijah in the cave. There are yet 7,000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal.
    • Do not compromise your convictions, deny your Lord, soil your witness for Christ, or disobey a Command of God.  
    • Stand on the Truth and be prepared to stand alone like Daniel but pray to stand together as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
    • Appeal to your authorities in wisdom and confidence understanding that where you are is by God’s doing. God works His greater will through human authorities. Understanding proper biblical ‘ordered/ranked submission’ is critical for God to bless.
    • Do not quit. If you are to lose your job, make them fire you. Make your employer put everything in writing and cite the authority/law/ by you are being terminated. (this May help in later lawsuits.) provide as much as you can provisions in the constitution, the law, the support your right as a citizen.
    • Remember, we are first and foremost in a spiritual conflict. The battle is occurring in heavenlies. The opposition we face was faced by Jesus. The earthly faces we see are not our enemies directly but the enemies of God Himself and specifically Jesus Christ before whom they will one day bow the knee. The battles may come, but the War is already won.
    • Remember, in the end, we are first and foremost Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, citizens of a Heavenly Kingdom, on a journey where this is not our home. Our King is soon returning and justice will be done. Until He return, we must be faithful to our Lord, obedient to His commands, be Looking for His soon Return. Our identity is defined by our relationship to Christ not the view of the world projected on us.
  • For those who are facing a loss of job, remember this. Do not quit until:
    • God opens a door.  (but even this may be a test, so exercise great wisdom.)
    • You face imminent compromise of your testimony, or face an order to violate a Biblical moral Law/command/principle.  (Joseph, Daniel, Shadrach etc…)
    • The job disappears. (the company closes down etc…)
    • The current door is closed. (the employer terminates/fires the person)
  • Remember: God as the highest of all Authority and the delegator of all authority works His broader will through our existing authorities. Identify the authorities in your life, consider the influence they have and operate within them. (Family/church/employer/government/ etc…)

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