10-13-17: Reuniting a Divided America

QUESTION #1: What’s dividing our nation in this generation like we’ve never experienced before in our history?


Dave Kistler:

“I think it’s that we have removed God from the forefront of our thinking in the American psyche and American culture. God used to be that which unified us. I think that’s why in our Pledge, it says, “One nation,” and, of course, we talked about how President Eisenhower, in the days when Communism was so rampant and he wanted to insert it into the Pledge and it was, thankfully, passed by Congress and signed into law by him. We added in the words “under God, one nation under God.” That is, indeed, the truth. That’s what’s united us.

If you look at Acts 4:32, the early church, a multiplicity of different ethnic backgrounds were still united and had one heart and one soul because that which kept them united was their focus on who Jesus was, the God of the universe, and that kept them … Amidst the things that could be potentially disastrous divisions, it kept them focused and kept them centered. When we began to kick God out in 1962, ’63, removed him from our public education system, from our national attention… the downward trek has been stark, it has been significant. If we would once again unite around one God, Gary, I think we could see the gaps and the divisions in this country healed.”

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  1. andy anderson
    andy anderson says:

    Dear Dave,
    Sometimes it helps to be old, because I do remember how things went down. The generation which came of age in the ’60’s began to be the first really enormous population group to speak out against some of the injustices that had not been addressed by the “greatest generation”: War (its glorification); Racism; Sexism (the “double standard”); and Capitalism (its unfettered greed). Protest before that time were not unknown, particularly about racism. but now there were millions joining the outcry against these evils. the reaction was NOT conviction, but self-righteous outrage. And this umbrage was typical of Bible-believing Christians. Millions who were not convicted of what any believer should have felt guilty about became part of what is now called “the culture war. Eventually these 4 evils were to a degree ameliorated, and a ‘sea-change’ did take place. But along with it came a seething anger and a dreadful turn rightward – a kind of ‘circling of wagons’ actually defending these evils. It has hurt Christian witness more than I can describe. If you want to see a reconciliation, it must come from honest repentance, not from ‘liberalism’ , but from these 4 evils, which our scriptures condemn. Please notice, Trump played on these injustices to win the Presidency.


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