U.S. not giving up on Sudanese woman

Efforts in America to win the release of Meriam Ibrahim and her children continue.

Meriam Ibrahim is the Christian wife and mother currently being held in her native Sudan on a charge of apostasy — something that calls for the death sentence in Sudan.

Ibrahim’s accusers claim she was Muslim and became Christian, but Ibrahim’s husband, an American citizen, asserts his wife has never been Muslim. Meanwhile, the couple’s two children, one of them a newborn, are in prison with their mother.

Several different organizations are pushing petitions, and International Christian Concern (ICC) is also working closely with members of Congress on legislation regarding Ibrahim.

“We’re also continuing to press the Sudanese government directly,” reports ICC spokesman Isaac Six.

ICC demonstrated last week outside the White House and the Sudanese embassy. Many other groups participated, as did Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ).

“We’ve already gotten some reaction. Some sources on the ground are saying this is creating a lot of pressure there,” Six relays. “A couple of hours after our protest … in front of the White House last week, Secretary Kerry (D) quietly released a statement mentioning Meriam’s case again, condemning her death sentence.”

At this point, International Christian Concern wants the State Department to go another step further and publicly acknowledge that Meriam Ibrahim’s children are U.S. citizens. Moreover, ICC and other groups want to ensure the family’s safety by bringing them to the U.S.

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