Culture Mozilla's new CEO condemned for supporting man-woman marriage

A pro-family group is asking individuals to come alongside and encourage a technology CEO who – like Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy – has come under fire from homosexual lobbyists for supporting traditional marriage.

Three members of the board of directors at the Mozilla Corporation have resigned in protest over the nonprofit web organization’s new pro-traditional marriage CEO, Brenden Eich. That same board appointed Eich, a Mozilla co-founder, in late March to run the company, but his past donation to California’s Proposition 8 campaign has drawn criticism and boycott threats from the homosexual lobby as well as calls for him to resign. In response, the company – based in Mountain View, CA – has published a blog stating the company supports LGBT equality.

Eich donated $1,000 to Prop. 8, the constitutional amendment passed by a majority of California voters in 2008 that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. He has asked for the public’s support and vowed to promote equality at Mozilla. The technology leader wrote on his personal blog that he’s sorry to have “caused pain.”

Randy Thomasson of is echoing Eich’s call for public support.

“True tolerance is disagreeing without taking away a person’s life, limb, property, or freedom of speech and religion,” explains the family advocate. “But intolerance is just the opposite – it’s punishing someone unless they agree.”

In addition to intolerance, Thomasson sees a double standard at play. “Look at the head of Starbucks. Starbucks is very much taking people’s dollars for coffee and handing it to homosexual activists and their political campaigns,” he says.

“But here, you donate to marriage between a man and a woman, [you] say marriage licenses are naturally only for a husband and a wife, and then the homosexual activists say, Off with your head! I mean, it really is showing intolerance.”

On his group’s website, Thomasson is asking individuals to contact Mozilla to show support for Eich.

Firefox, a Mozilla product, is the world’s second-most popular web browser on personal computers. One website – OkCupid, a heterosexual and homosexual dating site – is asking anyone who uses their website not to use Firefox when browsing OkCupid and instead consider other browsers.

Eich created JavaScript and has been the organization’s chief technology officer since 2005.

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