Abortion at Forefront for ‘40 Days for Life’ Campaign in 250+ Communities Across Nation

PHILADELPHIA—Pro-life advocates around the country are engaging in the “40 Days for Life” campaign, a focused pro-life vision for a peaceful end to abortion. And the American Pastors’ Network (APN, www.AmericanPastorsNetwork.net) says the time is right for pastors to bring the issue of abortion to the pulpit.

American Pastors’ Network and Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network (PPN, www.papastors.net) recently cited a study by CNN that found that 58 percent of Americans believe that all or most abortions should be illegal. The poll also found that 56 percent have never favored using public funds for abortions for women who cannot afford them.

“Pastors must intentionally preach the whole counsel of God. And, that means dealing with the culturally controversial issues before us. Certainly, while abortion may be controversial throughout society, it is a settled issue with God. Equipping congregations so they can enable and motivate Christians to be catalysts for change in their community on issues such as abortion is critical,” said Sam Rohrer, president of APN and PPN. “Abortion is one of the most disturbing scars on America, and it will take the entire body of Christ to bring an end to the murderous practices that are plaguing our country.”

From March 5 through April 13, pro-life proponents will stand up for life in their own communities during the “40 Days for Life” by working to bring together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity while praying for women who are at risk of having an abortion; innocent children who are at risk of perishing; men and women who carry the pain of a past abortion experience; workers at Planned Parenthood facilities and abortion centers; local, regional and national leaders; revival and renewal in churches; and repentance and healing throughout the nation. More than 250 communities, listed at 40daysforlife.com, are participating.

Rohrer pointed to the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network’s online resource library, which offers pastors around the country help with tackling the tough issues both inside and outside the walls of the church. Through its extensive resource library, PPN gives pastors the guidance they are looking for as they lead America’s churches.

The resource library is organized by genre (books, DVDs, articles, links, audio and video) as well as by topic. Some books are available for purchase, and the library also offer pastors information about classes or workshops they can attend online or in person for a fee. Many resources are free for pastors to read and/or download.

A list of topics also help pastors who are looking for insight on today’s most pressing headlines, such as abortion, the Constitution, creation vs. evolution, economics, education, homosexuality, marriage, prayer, the Culture War and the environment. The library also houses many sermon titles that can serve as intelligent and timely starts to sermons that will equip congregations to be the salt and light of the Earth in a dark world.

The American Pastors’ Network has a mission to identify, encourage, equip, educate and network pastors and church members to “Stand in the Gap for Truth” across the nation while providing Bible-based and constitutionally consistent analysis and recommendations on matters of public policy.

APN is the largest, national network of pastors who believe in the authority of scripture, who boldly preach the whole counsel of God with a disciplined application of a biblical worldview to public policy, and who are building a permanent infrastructure of biblically faithful pastors and lay leaders and mobilizing congregations to participate in the political process.

The Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network is a group of biblically faithful clergy and church liaisons whose objective is to build a permanent infrastructure of like-minded clergy who affirm the authority of Scripture, take seriously Jesus’ command to be the “salt and light” to the culture, encourage informed Christian thinking about contemporary social issues; examine public policy issues without politicizing their pulpits and engage their congregations in taking part in our political process on a non-partisan basis.

For more information on American Pastors’ Network, visit www.AmericanPastorsNetwork.net. For more information on Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network, visit www.PAPastors.net or call 610-584-1225.

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