Girl Scouts’ Ties to Planned Parenthood Date Back to the 1970s

The website has recently come under fire for writing about the Girls Scout connection to abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.

This blogger will not review the connections already published by Life News and others participating in the CookieCott of the Girl Scouts.

What I would like to documents is the longstanding relationship members of the Girl Scouts have had with abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

1985 – Planned Parenthood admits Girls Scouts are supportive of their programs:

1985 Girls Scouts Planned Parenthood


2004: Parents upset the Girl Scouts gave a Woman of the Year award to a Planned Parenthood Executive:

2004 Parents upset GS Women of Year PP


1990 Girl Scout leader shows Planned Parenthood film to troop

1990 Jr GS Shown Film by PP


1973 – Girl Scouts into Sex Ed Badge and connect with orgs close to Planned Parenthood:

1973 GS Move to Sex Ed



1973 HEW Funds Girls Scouts for Project conducted by Planned Parenthood among others:

1973 Funding from HEW Conducted by PP


1963 Planned Parenthood Officers work with Girl Scouts:

1963 PP Prez works with GS


1977 Girls Scouts under fire – quotes a 1973 Girls Scout Council as suggesting teens visit Planned Parenthood:

1977 Prolife attack 1973 GS Suggest Visit PP


1972 Planned Parenthood conducts workshop for Girl Scouts:

1972 Planned Parenthood conducts Workshop with Girl Scouts

1987- Active member of Planned Parenthood for 25 years also involved with Girl Scouts:

1987 25 year active PP member GS


1990 Director of Girl Scout Council also Director of Finance for Planned Parenthood

1990 STaff of GS COuncil Dir Finance for PP


1989 Jr Girl Scouts attend workshop where Planned Parenthood is a participant:

1989 JR GS Trrop to attend Workshop attending is PP


1985 Girls Scouts review co-sponsorship with Planned Parenthood

1985 GS review CO Sponsorship with PP


1972- Planned Parenthood leads discussion at Girl Scouts sponsored event:

1972 Girls Scouts sponsor event have PP speak


1974 – Planned Parenthood chairman active with Girl Scouts speaks at their event:

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