Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network’s ‘Ministers Together’ Events Encourage Pastors and Lawmakers to Return to Ideals of Founders

PHILADELPHIA—Leaders of the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network (PPN, know that linking the state’s pastors and elected officials in a joint effort to return to the foundations upon which the state and country was built will only strengthen the fabric of America.

To that end, PPN is planning events through its new Ministers Together initiative—monthly events with the goal to bring together pastors and lawmakers, who have all been called to be “ministers,” albeit of a different sort, to the people of their communities.

Through Ministers Together, PPN is re-establishing the biblically and historically correct relationship between “Church and State” and creating opportunities to build relationships between pastors and elected officials on a biblical—rather than political—basis.

“Over the decades, the language, ideals and intent of the Constitution and our laws have been increasingly distorted by many,” said Sam Rohrer, President of PPN and the American Pastors’ Network (APN, “Neither our founders nor our Constitution envisioned a divorcing of God and morality from government. To the contrary, there was to be a shared goal to form laws and protect our biblically based rights as set forth by our founders. We have strayed so far from these founding principles, and it’s time to return to them. Pastors and lawmakers must come together to make that a reality.”

The Ministers Together effort rebuilds the biblical worldview perspective as ordained by God. This view is that those in the pulpit are “Ministers of God” and called by God to occupy a position ordained of God. They uniquely possess the command to “Preach the Word” (II Tim. 4:2) and are given the authority to speak the Truth—not only to their local congregations but also in the public square. This biblical worldview also holds that those in elected office are not just “politicians,” but also occupy an equally ordained position as “Ministers of God,” with the clear job description as servants of God and God’s servants to the people (Rom 13:4).

The second Ministers Together event of 2014 is a breakfast set for February 27 in Greensburg, Pa. To find out more information and to register if you are a pastor or legislator, visit

For more information on Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network, visit or call 610.584.1225.

The Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network is a group of biblically faithful clergy and church liaisons whose objective is to build a permanent infrastructure of like-minded clergy who affirm the authority of Scripture, take seriously Jesus’ command to be the “salt and light” to the culture, encourage informed Christian thinking about contemporary social issues; examine public policy issues without politicizing their pulpits and engage their congregations in taking part in our political process on a non-partisan basis.

The Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network is a state chapter affiliate of the American Pastors’ Network. The American Pastors’ Network is a Ministry Program Affiliate of Capstone Legacy Foundation (a 501 C3 non-profit organization).

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