Convoluted TX 'marriages' labeled as publicity stunt

LGBT activists have tried another end-run around Texas’ constitution – specifically, the section that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Two transgendered men, dressed as women, wanted to marry women and shopped around for a judge to marry them. The men claimed to be women even though their birth certificate showed them to be men. After trying more than a dozen different clerks and judges, they found someone who would accommodate them. Dallas Judge Carl Ginsberg performed the “marriage” ceremony on Valentine’s Day.

OneNewsNow asked Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values if the marriages are legal.

“As far as legally, my understanding is a man married a woman,” he responded. “Just because they dressed up does not seem to have changed anything – and so whatever victory they think they have is ridiculous because it doesn’t exist. This really is a publicity stunt, in my opinion.”

The attorney says if a loophole in the law does exist, it will be closed very quickly.

As far as the marriage ceremony is concerned, Saenz said it was a simple matter of finding a judicial activist. “And that is the state of affairs unfortunately in Texas and other parts of the country,” he laments.

“… Some judges are just unwilling to enforce the law and to do things the way they’re supposed to as judges. They want to make the law and really obliterate any standard or rule of law that currently exists.”

And that, Saenz asserts, is “a dangerous precedent.

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