Did you know? Girl Scout Cookie sales undergird pro-abortion agenda

Over the past several years, Girl Scouts of the USA has lost a large slice of its membership largely due to its left-leaning policies and associations, including its honoring of strongly pro-abortion people and political office holders. Since the Girl Scouts makes millions of dollars in revenue from cookie sales, American Family Association is recommending people who disagree with those liberal practices not support the cookie campaign.

“If a Girl Scout asks you to buy Girl Scout Cookies, just simply say No, thank you,” advises Randy Sharp, director of special projects for AFA. “There’s no need to explain to this little girl what the social agenda of the organization is. There’s no need for us as adults to embarrass the little girls.”

Full explanations of objections to the Girl Scouts’ pro-abortion views and activities are available online at MyGirlScoutCouncil.com and SpeakNowGirlScouts.com. Christy Volanski, who created SpeakNowGirlScouts.com, last month penned a column titled “What every pro-lifer needs to know about the Girl Scouts’ link to Planned Parenthood.”

“It’s hard to say no to those little sweethearts in the green and brown sashes,” Volanski writes, referring to youngsters selling the cookies. “However, I just can’t bring myself to fund GSUSA and local councils, and further facilitate their indoctrination of our daughters.”

Other resources include Missouri Right to Life and the Archdiocese of Kansas City.

There are alternatives to the Girl Scouts, says Sharp. “The American Heritage Girls is a God-centered organization,” he shares. “It’s a national organization complete with all the values that we would want our children to learn. So the American Family Association highly recommends American Heritage Girls as an alternative to the Girl Scouts of America.”

Research shows the Girl Scouts is promoting a liberal agenda while American Heritage Girls supports a godly agenda – and the latter is showing tremendous growth.

– See more at: http://www.onenewsnow.com/culture/2014/01/30/did-you-know-girl-scout-cookie-sales-undergird-pro-abortion-agenda#.UupdG7SonV4

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