Absence of 'Christmas' garners nat'l electronics retailer 1-month boycott

A nationally known pro-family, pro-traditional values group is focusing attention on yet another business – a major consumer electronics chain – that turns its back on the reason for the Christmas season.

The American Family Association has already released its “Naughty or Nice” list of businesses that either do or do not identify Christmas during the biggest selling season of the year for retailers (see earlier story). Randy Sharp, director of special projects for the pro-family group, zeros in on one of the retailers currently on the naughty list.

“We’ve been monitoring the Radio Shack company for several years, and each year they have refused to recognize or incorporate the term ‘Christmas’ in any of their advertising,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It’s very clear to us that they are specifically targeting Christmas shoppers in their advertising.”

Sharp, Randy (AFA)Sharp adds Radio Shack has apparently decided to stand on the politically correct way of doing business. For that reason, AFA is calling for a one-month boycott of Radio Shack.

“… In their ads we see the holly, we see the trees, we see the wreaths, the bows, the decorations – but they just refuse to use ‘Christmas,'” says the group spokesman. “This boycott will help us to let Radio Shack know that if you refuse to use ‘Christmas’ in your advertising, we’ll refuse to do business with you.”

According to Sharp, Radio Shack isn’t in the best financial situation to begin with and has many competitors who do appreciate Christians and their patronage.

“So they need every customer they can get,” he continues. “But when they refuse to use ‘Christmas’ in their advertising, they’re simply driving customers away. Radio Shack has a lot of competitors who gladly use Christmas in their advertising – and so Christmas shoppers should do business with those who appreciate them, those who recognize the reason that they’re out shopping.”

AFA has posted its Naughty or Nice list of retailers on its website as a guide to Christians shopping for the holiday.

– See more at: http://www.onenewsnow.com/business/2013/11/25/absence-of-christmas-garners-natl-electronics-retailer-1-month-boycott#.UpNcp-KL_V4

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