476 Babies Saved From Abortion During 40 Days for Life, 8,012 in All Campaigns

Although the campaign has ended … we’re still receiving information from our hard-working local coordinators. Through 40 days of prayer and fasting, we have so far received reports of 476 babies saved from abortion (that we know of)!

Add that to the number of babies who were saved during all previous 40 Days for Life campaigns … and the total is now 8,012 babies whose lives were spared!!! The Lord has truly heard and answered your prayers!

I’m going to take a bit of a break from the email, but I do want to pass along a few more campaign updates … as well as a bonus devotional … as we give thanks to God for another 40 days of miracles!


Claire in Cherry Hill sent along a photo with Bishop Dennis Sullivan of the Catholic diocese of Camden leading prayer at the Cherry Hill vigil … and also shared a story that really gets to the heart of the abortion mindset that has overtaken our culture.

A young woman was brought to the abortion center by her mother, father and sister. She had three children under the age of 6 and was pregnant again. The children had different fathers. One is in jail. One had simply vanished.

One of the volunteers handed some literature to the woman’s mom, and begged her to get that information to her daughter, who had already gone inside. The woman’s sister then came out, and the same volunteer pleaded with her to just get her pregnant sister out of that place. So she went back in.

Other vigil participants continued to pray. A bit later, the young woman and her sister came out crying. “You saved a life today!”

“The entire family is joyful this baby will be born,” Claire said. “This story illustrates the sad fact that the abortion mentality is deeply ingrained in our society. None of the family members really wanted to have it done, but felt it was the ‘responsible choice.’ Please keep this woman, her family and our country in your prayers.”


Roy in Nashville related the story of a couple that spoke to prayer volunteers before they walked into the abortion center. They weren’t inside very long before they came back out. They told the counselor that they were keeping the baby.

Roy also cited the importance of having a pro-life pregnancy help center near the abortion facility. Two women went into the pregnancy center by mistake – they thought it was the abortion business!

“They both decided to keep their babies,” he said. “God has really blessed us this campaign. May God be praised!”


Sometimes, we don’t hear the whole story. Sometimes, all we hear is the happy ending. Mike in Southfield shared “the wonderful words we heard as a young family got in their car to leave the abortion center.”

“I’m not doing this. I can’t!”

Mike responded, “Praise the Lord!”

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