ObamaCare is unclear regarding the unborn

A pro-life expert has found irony on the life issue in Obamacare.

Some of the Obamacare exchanges actually recognize an unborn baby as a human being, which is contrary to the philosophy of the Obama administration.

Susan Muskett of the National Right to Life Committee sums it up.

“It’s ironic that some exchanges are counting unborn children for certain purposes when the entire Obamacare law is structured to increase access to abortion,” she says.

In fact, as OneNewsNow has previously reported, there is a hidden charge in many of the exchanges, which will help finance abortions. Most people don’t know that, although the administration promised consumers would get a clear indication of what is covered and what is not.

“Twenty-three states have passed laws restricting abortion coverage in exchange plans, but 27 states have not done so,” Muskett explains. “And consumers are finding that when they go to some of these exchanges, they’re having a very difficult time determining what plans cover abortion and which don’t, and we know that is so important to the American people.”

Abortion is the issue that almost stopped Obamacare from being enacted. Congressman Chris Smith has introduced the Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act that would require the exchanges to specify whether they do or do not cover abortion, and Muskett is encouraging people to lobby their members of Congress to get it passed.

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