40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Against Abortion Starts in 306 Cities Tomorrow

The next 40 Days for Life campaign starts tomorrow in 306 locations — with more than 20 brand-new cities on board for the first time to participate in the pro-life prayer campaign.

That number of cities is an astonishing growth from the early days of the campaign, when it began in Texas as a local event Shawn Carney and other pro-life activists headed.

“Six years ago, when 40 Days for Life was first launched as a coordinated effort, our national director David Bereit and I were hoping 20 cities would take part. But God moved people in 89 cities to join that campaign,” he says. “Over the past six years your faith in God has spread this humble effort to an overall total of 501 cities — from 1,000 volunteers in Texas to 575,000 worldwide , from a few churches to 16,000, and from one country to 19 around the globe. ”

Carney says the prayerful focus has helped it grow, attract pro-life advocates to join in, and to allow it to play a role in closing abortion centers and bringing abortion clinic workers out of the abortion industry. He hopes pro-lifers will start the event with prayer and use a devotional he will send supporters daily during the campaign.

“A prayerful foundation is the key for bringing a “what would Jesus do” attitude to the vigil. This is the attitude that has helped mothers choose life for their babies — and helped clinic employees change their hearts and leave the abortion business,” he said. “This is my personal invitation for you to get involved.  Here’s the link to all 306 locations — please find the one nearest you and learn how you can help.”

The Spring 40 Days for Life campaign concluded with 554 babies saved from abortion.

“Those are 554 stories of children — made in God’s image and likeness — who were so close to becoming another statistic. But because of your prayers, and your courage to be there for their moms, they have life,” he said. “It is in this spirit of thanksgiving — for their lives and our lives — that we enter into the most important week of the year. This week we hand all of our weaknesses and doubts over to Christ, who takes them to the Cross, overcomes death, and reminds us that with Him all things are possible — even ending abortion.”

Carney told LifeNews that more abortion clinics are closing — including abortion facilities in Sacramento, California and Sugar Land, Texas. Those closings bring the total of closures to 32 following the pro-life campaign since its inception.

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